Sophie Turner Weight Loss

Sophie Turner Weight Loss

Sophie Turner Weight Loss Transformation – You Won’t Believe What She Used to Look Like

Sophie Turner Weight Loss Transformation - You Won't Believe What She Used to Look Like

Sophie turner’s weight loss diet tells us You won’t believe what Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner used to look like before she had her dramatic weight loss! This actress, best known for playing Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series, has always been on the skinny side, but now it looks like she can add fit to that list as well!

Just take a look at her transformation below, and read about how she did it and what the experience was like in her own words.

How old is Sophie Turner?

The Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner recently underwent a pretty drastic weight loss transformation, and now many are wondering how old is Sophie Turner. At just 20 years old, Turner has a bright future ahead of her.

The beautiful actress made her debut in Hollywood with X-Men: First Class as a teenager and gained recognition for her role as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. So how old is Sophie Turner? She was born on February 21, 1996, making her 22 years old.

Sophie Turner Weight Loss

See Her Amazing Slimdown! : In our opinion, Sophie Turner is one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses. The 23-year-old Game of Thrones actress has been in countless shows and movies over her nearly 10-year career, but perhaps her most notable role is playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones.

How much weight did she lose?

Sophie turner’s weight loss diet a lot of people won’t be shocked when they hear how much weight Sophie Turner has lost. The actress is known for her role as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, and she’s easily one of our favorite characters! While she looked healthy in past seasons, she was pretty tiny back then.

Sophie used to weigh just 99 pounds at her thinnest. Not only that, but she also tipped the scales at 115 pounds! That’s a total weight loss of around 16 pounds. It might not seem like a lot, but it seems like it took her almost no time at all! For example, her body changed significantly in just two months!

Here’s How She Lost the Weight

Turner admitted in November 2017 that she struggled with endometriosis, which caused her to lose weight. I was fit and healthy [when filming Game of Thrones], she told InStyle U.K. Then I had a crazy schedule, my hormones got all out of whack and I ended up gaining weight and suffering from horrible acne and hair loss.

After going through several miserable months during which she felt so unhealthy she couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror, Turner had surgery to remove her endometriosis. The procedure left her temporarily unable to work out or do anything else physically strenuous, but after recovering, she was able to bring some order back into her life and get back on track with healthy habits.


What was her favorite snack before?

Before Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner was a normal teenager who loved ice cream and pizza. She even admitted her biggest vice growing up was that she could eat an entire pizza on her own if I’m stressed. And she said: I also love hot dogs so much.

I could eat one every day if I could. But once she became famous, Sophie had to put her vices on hold and go on a strict diet to get in shape for Thrones. To see just how different Sophie looks now, check out these pics!

Sophie Turner Weight Loss

What does she eat now?

Since realizing how unhealthy she was, Sophie has adopted a healthier diet that focuses on lean proteins and lots of veggies. [I used to eat] a lot of pizza, a lot of takeout and pasta, she told MailOnline. I didn’t know what I was eating back then so I just ate whatever.

Now, she tries to eat a gluten-free diet but sometimes indulges in comfort foods like lasagna. She doesn’t like working out but says pilates is her favorite way for her body to stay in shape. I find exercise boring so it’s always been hard for me, she said. But my sister [Lily James] is always encouraging me and pushing me when we’re doing workouts together.


Other Things to Know about Sophie Turners’ Diet

Though Sophie used to struggle with her weight, it looks like she’s finally found a diet that works for her. According to E! News, Sophie’s trainer revealed that she’s been following a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet plan called Clean Eating.

As part of her plan, Sophie only eats whole grains and uses Stevia or dates as a sweetener instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. She also avoids processed foods and makes sure all of her meat is organic and grass-fed. To keep herself satisfied while cutting back on carbs, Sophie snacks on nuts and seeds (the healthy kind!) or full-fat cheese like feta or goat cheese.


Sophie Turner is an actress who began her career in 2011 on BBC’s The Thirteenth Tale and has been a prominent figure ever since. She has become known for many roles like X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), TV Series Game of Thrones (2016), and The Dark Phoenix Saga (2019).

Sophie left many stunned when she walked onto the stage with an incredibly slimmed-down frame. Her transformation went viral as fans expressed their astonishment at how much weight Sophie had lost over such a short period.

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